Monday, 2 May 2011

Just wondering

I'm still considering a new down sleeping bag, although not for this Challenge, having already been able to borrow a little beauty to fill that gaping hole in my kit.

I'm wondering about Western Mountaineering, their name keeps cropping up but I don't know much about them. Their kit looks quite useful and the Ultralite down bag keeps cropping up at the top of my list, along with a couple of RAB bags, PHD Minim 400 and Mountain Equipment Xero 550. My problem is, making a decision is not my strong point! Hence I'm not rushing to buy in time for this Challenge, but I would like it in time for the next Challenge I get onto, assuming I finish and enjoy this one.

We like to plan ahead.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received, comfort rating, weight, bulk and price are the considerations, probably in that order. For a change, price is last. This is an important bit of kit that I have no intention of skimping on (although I'll still shop around for the best price once I know which bag I want.)


The Odyssee said...

Hi Louise,
We are talking expense here. These bags are the business. There is also another company to look at called St Joseph, it’s a Slovac company i think but they have an outlet in other countries, Ireland being one.
And also Yeti bags.

My choice, and it’s just one, with spending that kind of money would be the PHD Hispar 400.
900 quality down and -9 deg spec and the weight is 770gr. It also has the Drishell outer covering.
I hope this helps.

Mike Knipe said...

If you can acheive, a weight of , say, 750gm ish and a comfort rating of, say, minus 5 to 7 ish, you'd probably be on the right lines, I would have thought.

I copied Shirley Worral's idea and put my down bag inside a RAB survival zone bivi bag to protect it from condensation and accidental accidents with tins of beer, mugs of tea etc.

Louise said...

Thanks, both of you, that's very helpful. I've come across Yeti bags, but not St Joseph, I'll take a look. The PHD Hispar sounds good. That was the kind of range I was after, Mike and I quite like the idea of protecting my bag, but not the extra weight that would entail. I'd have to think about that.

The Odyssee said...

Hi Louise,
If you want to go down the road of bag protection as i too have been considering. I was told of this company

They are new and i believe they are looking to make new bits and bobs. I know Robin at Blogpackinglight has used them and endorses the guys there.
If you want a light bag cover, it might be worth giving them a call.

Louise said...

Thanks Alan! That's worth a look too.

The Odyssee said...

Sorry Louise i have just noticed i put St Joseph when it should have been Sir Joseph.
Decisions, decisions.

Louise said...

...that explains alot. I'll try again! Cheers Alan.

Alan said...

Yes, sorry about that Louise.

here’s a link for you that you might find of interest at some point in the future.
I have taken the plunge myself and given up trying to make one. My sewing skills are not what they should be you see.

Hope this helps.

Louise said...

I've been there and I think I will probably make a return visit, funnily enough! You'd need some serious sewing skills for such an important bit of kit, I'd have thought.

Alan said...

I decided that 157gr was better than the extra weight of a damp sleeping bag plus the cold feet.

Louise said...

It's one of those bits of kit where my priorities change. It's got to do the job, keeping warm (and dry) is so important, weight next and price, well, for the right bit of kit, I'll pay good money. Most of the time with other bits of kit, a bargain would probably come higher up the list.