Friday, 27 May 2011

Just for Gayle, as promised

Look what I found when I got home and I just couldn’t wait!




Snug as a bug.


Gayle said...

I love the way your Challenge backpack is flung down next to you. I can just see you ripping into the parcel the moment you walked through the door! Were you in the sleeping bag trying it for size within 3 minutes of getting home?

(only 2 more trains and a bus before we get home... It's feeling like a long day already)

Alan R said...

Well done on finishing the chally and i presume you will be keeping the lovely new piece of kit.
I looks great like hubby's brown shoes.

Louise said...

Hi Gayle!
Yes, in less than three minutes I was inside that beautiful bag. Must have really flung the wrapping in my haste, it's nowhere to be seen in that photograph! Tried to behave normally for a while over dinner, but couldn't resist trying it again when I was ready for bed, thermarest and all. I fell asleep.
It works then!
Thanks Alan, yes, I made it, what a fabulous experience, even the lows. Was so keen to post for Gayle, couldn't be bothered to edit D's feet out ;-D

Big Jack Brass said...

You may say it's "Just for Gayle" but I couldn't help grinning when I saw the post. It's possible that I may have been similarly enthusiastic when I returned home yesterday to find a parcel from Ray Jardine waiting...

Well done on finishing this year, it was lovely bumping into you along the way. Jon Hancock.

Louise said...

Hi Jon! (Was wondering who 'Big Jack Brass' was) You may have noticed, I can be a tad exciteable... Thanks, it was certainly an experience I'll never forget, what with the conditions and all the lovely people I met along the way. Thanks for popping by and maybe I'll bump into you again on another Challenge! Maybe.