Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bits and pieces

Since reading that Martin had left his maps at home on his desk, I’ve been having odd dreams/nightmares and waking at a ridiculously early hour, unable to go back to sleep. The first dream I was in some sort of a hotel, unable to find everything to pack (!!), the second was awful and woke me. I was in mum’s car as she was driving along Newmarket in Louth, when suddenly there was a cat lying in the road, cleaning itself and we drove over it. Nice.

More interestingly, I’ve now worn my boots on a couple of walks, my usual Monday six mile saunter and a more interesting 9.5 mile yomp today.  The boots, on the whole, were comfortable. I had no blisters or hotspots and my toes were comfy, except for a short while when the two end toes on my right foot were numb. I think this was pressure on the sole of my foot, caused by the depth and angle of the sole of the boot being quite different from my Brashers and it did improve after wriggling my foot slightly in the boot. They were grippy enough and although I didn’t immerse my feet, they managed the bogginess and heather bashing through bogginess. Sadly, I do have a problem with them that I shall come back to if I get the issue resolved. In the meantime, it’ll be the Brashers on the Challenge.

I have a feeling there were other bits and pieces, but I’ve forgotten them, so they obviously weren’t important!

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