Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The kit list

I don’t like reading kit lists, it makes me paranoid, but I’m going to do one anyway.


Karrimor Wildcat 60-65 with waterproof cover

Shelter and sleeping

Coleman Kraz X1 in dry bag

Rab Quantum 400w in dry bag

Thermarest Prolite 3w

Clothing in dry bag

Smartwool longsleeve base x1

Icebreaker ultralight leggings x1

Icebreaker hotpants x1 (knickers to some of us)

Foothills Highlander socks x1

Montane Anti-freeze down jacket

Summer and winter buffs

Merino flip flap mits

Berghaus Paclite trousers

Montane Quattro waterproof jacket


Keen sandals (fording and around camp)

Cook system and food

Jetboil Flash and 100g gas canister + matches

Cosy pouch and two sporks

Up to 3 days food + hipflask( Tamdhu)

2l Platty

1l Platty soft bottle

Water treatment drops


First Aid kit + handwarmers

Small washkit + small Lifesystems towel and wipes




Purse with two cards and small amount cash

Petzl e+lite and midge headnet

Black Diamond walking poles

Suncream and anti-bac gel

Lightweight trowel and paper



Maps in ziplock and compass



Icebreaker GT longsleeve top

Marmot Screepants

Foothills socks

Brasher Hillmaster

Montane Dynamo soft shell

Tilley (hemp)

Not a massive amount, I don’t think, certainly no microwave!


Alan R said...

Hi Louise,
I think your gear list is a very good one.

Not trying to be smart here but do have a back up for the matches. A cheapo lighter for instance.
Or a firestick.

1 tip.
I use my midge net as a bag. I don’t just carry it for the purpose intended. Obviously you have to be selective in order not to damage the mesh. But it works for me.
Have a great trip.

-maria- said...

Thanks for posting this, I like to read kit lists!

By the way, I carry my heavy Deuter backpack because the fit is very good and I feel that I can trust it. So I guess the Karrimor is a good choice. Sure I'm tempted to test a more lightweight backpack, but so far I've been really happy with my Deuter (actually it deals with the weight so well that it does not feel heavy).

Mike Knipe said...

Guess what you've forgotten?

(only joking... whoops....)

Martin Rye said...

Good list and good luck.

Louise said...

Thanks Alan. I have waterproof and windproof matches as a back up for the stove lighter, which is very reliable, so I'm happy. And thanks for the midge net tip, wouldn't have thought of that.

Hi Maria, it's always reassuring when someone else has a similar opinion. I do like my Karrimor and despite both packs being 60-65l, the Karrimor has packed so much better. I shall miss the hip pockets, but hey, that'll just mean I take more rests when I need to find something and enjoy the view! One day, you'll get the chance to do this too :-D

Thanks Mike, so helpful...

Cheers Martin, you're finishing the day before I arrive in Montrose, so don't think we'll meet up this year, have a good crossing!