Saturday, 28 May 2011

TGO Challenge day 12

Wednesday 25th May, 2011
North Water Bridge to St Cyrus
8.21 miles 605 ft
We made a good getaway from the campsite, aided by the edge of a rain shower which saw all the tents disappear as one. Jon Hancock and Colin joined us and we wended our merry way along country lanes towards the sea. Colin took an alternative route as we headed over the Hill of Morphie, Mick was following his nose for a tea room. It failed him.
SDC11699How did that one sneak in?
SDC11702  On our way to the sea
SDC11703 Guess
When we reached the village, we headed for the beach, joined by Mervyn. First we climbed down the cliff face. We dipped toes, we congratulated one another, we hugged, shook hands and photographed.
SDC11707Toe dipping
SDC11709Think that hat is wearing me
SDC11710 Mervyn, Jon, Laura, Gayle and Mick
Then, we climbed up the cliff face. That took a while. On the way up, we met more Challengers. Mick was absolutely gutted to find the tea rooms he'd so looked forward to had closed down. Disaster! Instead, we joined an ever growing crowd of Challengers in the queue for the bus. The driver was not so happy to see so many single fares with £10 notes.
We made it to the Park, where we were greeted by Roger and handed our certificate, badge and t-shirt. Tea and biscuits were enjoyed before I decided to enquire after a room for an extra night. Success! Then Laura got one. Then there was a bit of bed juggling and Mick and Gayle had Laura’s room and I sub let my twin bed to Laura.
Many Challengers arrived, there were kisses and handshakes, tea, beers. The evening meal was arranged and after some ablutions, a group of nine went for a curry. We were joined in the restaurant by several other Challengers.
SDC11712There are rather a lot of bottles there
SDC11713Curry night
Upon our return to The Park, Laura and I retired to our beds, the excitement was just too much for us. I believe others may have indulged in more drinking.


Alan Sloman said...

Hardened Challenger, now then! Well done Lousie. What a great account of a great crossing!

All potential first-timers should read this account!

Louise said...

Lousie, now that takes me back to my childhood and they weren't nice people!

Thanks Alan, if anyone were to be inspired by my experiences I would take it as a massive compliment.

"Once more into the breach, my friends" (or something like that...)

Alan Sloman said...

"Lousie" - Doh! Sorry! Don't even think about the anagrams for "Alan"...

James Boulter said...

Hi Louise, Congtaulations for getting across. It was a tough crossing with the weather eh? I sat next to you at Dinner at Cougie. Nice trip report.

Louise said...

Hi James! Thanks, lovely to hear from you, sorry for the delay in replying, we've been away. I remember you from Cougie, that was a great night, everyone was so warm and friendly.