Saturday, 28 May 2011

TGO Challenge day 9

Sunday 22nd May, 2011
Braemar to Allt-na-giubhsaich
14 miles 2207 ft
Today, I set off with Laura, because this is her neck of the woods and she knows the way! Actually, more because I enjoy her company, but I wasn’t going to let on.
It was another funny day, sunny, showery, breezy, warm turning to quite chilly. Actually, the breezy became more like really windy at times. We bumped into lots of people and Colin walked with us for a while.
SDC11688Invercauld House
The woodlands of Braemar estate are jolly fine and we took a lovely break amongst the trees, followed by a bit of a gear faff by me. Soon, we struck out into the open to find a shed for another break, having decided we would bypass Gelder Shiel. It was quite a long slog up the hill before turning a corner and making our way down the other side, which included a river crossing where sandals were deployed. It was really quite gusty in the late afternoon and we were beginning to have difficulty at times.
SDC11689Lunch stop
SDC11690 Sometimes it was nice
 SDC11691 An unusual view of a rainbow
We came upon a tent village at Allt-na-giubhsaich and after much milling and discussion, decided that we would also camp in this naughty place. By this time, it was obvious any other shelter would be hard to come by. Although it was quite early, at 4 o’clock, it would probably have taken at least another two hours to find alternative shelter and given the worsening conditions, this could have been quite exhausting. Little did we know…
We were in bed by 7pm, maybe a little extreme, but there was little to do and we hoped for a good sleep. My heel was feeling much better since David had doctored it the night before. This was the only night I felt a little chilly in Millicent, but not for long.


Andrew W said...

"you's as too much time on yor ands if n yous c'n rite all this up so soon init! No wot I mean?"

I'm looking forward to Day 11!

Good write up.
I am only just finishing sorting out day 1 photo's let alone get it all on line!
Before I do I have to decipher my hand written notes on soggy paper!

Louise said...

TTS would probably agree with you, he's slaved all day bless him, but I figure I deserve a rest. Deciphering the handwriting is tricky, I didn't take a pencil sharpener and found my scissors not so good at pencil sharpening. At least I can touch type, that speeds things up.
Besides, I can't' stand around all day working, my ankle has taken revenge and swollen up. Not pretty.

Looking forward to reading your report, and all the others. There should be some entertaining tales!

Alan Sloman said...

"Millicent".. the tent or bag?

Louise said...

Er, the bag. Which ofcourse, is not mine, hence the name. I never got to the bottom of that, (the name, not the bag, the bag was a perfect fit) but I'm sure we will be enlightened in due course.

Gayle said...

Millicent - that would be the middle sleeping bag of my range of three sleeping bags. The biggest most snuggly of them all is Marjorie Worm, and the smallest is Maud. There is a story (an entirely uninteresting one) behind Marjorie Worm, but the other two bags just continued the 'M' theme.

Louise said...

Fairy Duff, makes perfect sense ;-)