Saturday, 28 May 2011

TGO Challenge day 3

Sunday 15th May, 2011
Cougie to Fort Augustus
16.7 miles 2066 feet
Just before we left Cougie, I slipped and fell on the decking outside our chalet door. I sustained a shoulder injury which was to plague me for the next few days.
SDC11607 Spot the wet decking
A small group of us opted not to follow the forestry track to Hilton Lodge and down the landrover track, but instead to go ‘over the top’, following a path along the Allt na Muic. The Stuarts, Stan and Emma were much faster movers, whilst Hugh, Barbara and I brought up the rear with a little bog hopping and squelching. We found the gate through the deer fence onto the forest path before taking a break.
SDC11609Checking the map
Soon, we reached tarmac and made our way to Torgyle Bridge, where the fast group had just had lunch. We preferred the picnic bench at the start of General Wade’s Road to Fort Augustus, although there were a few midgies around.
SDC11612 Not too nibbled
We had a pleasant walk, at least some sort of track most of the day, although the forestry track was somewhat chewed up. The weather was mostly kind. We soon found ourselves heading down to Fort Augustus, a welcome sight.
SDC11614 Nearly over the top
SDC11615Not a muddy bit
I soon found myself buying supplies for breakfast and lunch then heading to the campsite for a shower and hot food, before meeting  Barbara and Hugh in The Bothy for a well earned pint. (Which reminds me, I still owe Hugh a pint and poke of chips. Next time!)
SDC11616First glimpse of Fort Augustus
The shoulder was increasingly sore all day, but I decided to buy some Ibuprofen in town (which I rarely take without TTS around) to get some relief.

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