Friday 23 January 2009

Still planning

Just a little update.

I keep looking at my route, trying alternatives and returning to the original plan, so I suspect that's how it's going to stay.

I've tried to research a little more about the clothing I would like, by going to a large outdoor speciallist store. I was exceptionally disappointed with the stock they held and was very glad I'd had no intention of buying from them. I only wanted to feel and try on. However, there was a lot of mens kit, so David has a better idea of what he's looking for and I could get an idea from the feel of his choices. I can also get whatever he decides on cheaper online, so that particular store has had it!

Training. Well, erm, yes. Slow. That's the word for it.

I managed three walks last week, each of about 5-6 miles, one which was quite hilly, so that was a good start for me after the Christmas break.

Unfortunately, those of you that read the other one of my regular blogs will know our eldest son has been struck down with shingles, so has been off school this week. With David having been on day shift, I have been incarcerated and that has been frustrating. Next week, I'm hoping he'll be back at school, so although I can't walk Monday, I should fit in a couple later in the week and I have a training walk on Saturday for another challenge in the meantime.

I have been asked to participate in a sponsored walk on 20th June this year, walking the Dava Way, Forres to Grantown on Spey. David and I did this walk a couple of years ago but going the other way. Downhill. At least this time I won't be carrying a 24+ lb pack. That is what the training walk is for. It's going to 12 miles of varied landscape. I think Angela's trying to kill me! Anyway, I shall take this opportunity to practice carrying my pack whilst it's not so weighty, not least because my daysack can be a little uncomfortable with more than my inhaler and lip salve in. My pack is infinintly more comfy, even if I have to carry one or two items more than I normally would, just to pull it down onto my hips enough. Should be fine.

I'll let you know how the boots go over the extra little distance.