Saturday, 28 May 2011

TGO Challenge day 13

Thursday 26th May, 2011
The Park Hotel
Much milling about, eating, retail therapy, drinking and celebrating went on today, not least because it was my birthday! I don’t think there’s any need to go into great detail, but I was touched by people’s kindness, especially Gayle and Mick and Barbara and Hugh for their cards and bubbly and Laura for my beautiful TGO fleece. It’s purple and soft and cosy and I love it! Thank you all.
I went to the meal in the evening, delighted to be able to sit with Mick and Gayle, slightly worried to have been asked to present Roger with his handmade card as a representative of all first timers. Thanks so much Alan, what a treat, over 300 people sang Happy Birthday to me, not at all embarrassing.
SDC11720Cheers Roger
There was eating, drinking, clapping, cheering, speeches photographs. In fact, it’s all pretty much a blur. I finally met Martin Banfield in the bar, along with a few others, like Roger Boston. I’m sure there were others, but we’ve already established I’m rubbish with names. It was gone twelve before Laura and I made our way to bed.

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