Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Well, there’s a surprise

A couple of things I wasn’t expecting, a good thing and an unfortunate thing.

I’ve been packing my, er, pack oddly enough, being the day before ‘the off’. My pack is a Golite Pinnacle, which I bought specifically for this type of trip. I used it just four weeks ago on my trip to the Borders with no problems, although I have found it’s difficult to keep the hip belt where I think it is intended to be because of my shape. I have an unusually narrow waist which is not helpful.

My kit list has changed very slightly since the Borders trip. I’m now using a Jetboil Flash which is a more compact and a lighter system than my Campingaz Twister with gas and two Snowpeak tins. I’m not carrying the Travel Tap which is bulky as well as difficult for me, as a wimpy female, to use. This is replaced with a Platty Soft bottle and some water treatment drops, lightweight and less bulky. I’ve also trimmed my wash kit slightly and decided not to take insect repellent as I rarely have a problem, although I am carrying my midge head net.

My sleeping bag did not seem adequate in the Borders and having panic bought another, a kind fellow blogger advised me differently and offered to lend me a spare bag. I gratefully took the advice, returned the new bag and accepted the offer of a bag loan. This bag is definitely better than mine, but is slightly bulkier to pack, so is obviously taking up a bit of the space I’ve vacated with other kit changes.

However, I was not expecting to find that I could not now fit it all into the Pinnacle. How strange and a little frustrating! I decided to try my trusty Karrimor Wildcat pack and low and behold, it all fits. Because I have changed a lot of my kit since the last time I used this pack and the general weight of my kit is down, this feels lighter than it used to, so I think I shall be happy to carry it, despite having wanted to go lightweight.

The nice surprise also includes weighty issues. I while ago, I had concluded that it was not only my pack that needed to shed a few pounds, but it would be good if I did too. However, nothing much was happening on that front, I was at least relieved it wasn’t going in the wrong direction. After the Borders trip, I discovered I’d lost five pounds, woo hoo! I did put on a pound after my return, but I think that was re-hydration and it wasn’t joined by any friends. I was pleased to discover today that I’ve lost another two pounds! Now that’s a nice surprise. I suspect there may be a little more loss over the next two weeks, I’m expecting my trousers to be a little too big by the time I get to Montrose.



Alan R said...

If you can’t get all your gear in a 60 Litre sack then you must be taking the Microwave and the hairdryer.

And i can’t blame you leaving the insect repellant behind, i mean swarms of Midges in Scotland, never!
And a gallon of repellant plus the spray gun takes up loads of room.

Oh, and you never mentioned the frying pan for the steak or the coffee grinder. Now come on.

Louise said...

I'll produce a list. It really is the bare essentials, for a girly, I'm quite proud! It may not have packed into the Pinnacle, but it is still around 11kg, not bad for a first time Challenger!