Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fun in the sun

Today is beautiful, but we are unfortunately stuck at home due to having to transport working offspring.

I have, however, been having some fun in the sun…


Open door


Door side view


Head end


Foot end


Other side


Striking camp

Monday, 25 March 2013

You’re the one that I want!

As a result of having bought a couple of lucky bags from Terra-Nova before Christmas, last Monday I received an email about their final clearance sale. Just out of complete and utter curiosity and nosiness, I popped over to their site and had a look. I’m so glad I did!

There I found a Laser Competition for an unbelievable price. Now these items are reduced for a reason. They may be seconds, returns, repaired or Graded A, B or C because of some other reason or fault. The Laser I had found was Grade C, but after firing off an email to my Gear Guru Gayle (who wasn’t able to reply until after the event ‘cos she has a job of work!) and a little conversation with myself (in my head, I’m not completely mad) I decided to take a gamble and popped said tent into my basket. I had convinced myself that even as a sale item, this company has a reputation they wouldn’t want to damage by selling unusable items.

Said tent arrived and was unpacked in a flash and laid on the floor for close inspection.

Lasercomp 1

Ready for inspection


Very badly pitched due to lack of enough moveable, heavy furniture

After close inspection, I couldn’t find any reason for such a silly price, they must have exceptionally high standards. The seam at the bottom of the pole bag was unsewn, (I have had my needle and thread out) the tent has a very faint fusty smell (nothing that a bit of fresh air won’t cure!) and the tension tape between the pole ends may be twisted, (but I’ll have another look at that, it may be the inner just needs untwisted)

So, all in all, I think, personally, that the £84!!!! with free P&P was an absolute bargain! I’m dead chuffed, never thought I’d own one of these and I’ve had a secret wish for one for a long time. Very excited about May now!!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Good luck charm

My bestest walking buddy Laura gave me some ranger beads a short while ago and inspired by these, I have made some for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh group from Guides. I hope the beads bring them luck on their expeditions this summer.


For my girlies