Thursday, 11 September 2014

More pride

This has been a busy summer at times and yet again I’m bursting with pride because of my amazing children.

Aedan was entered as part of team Scotland in the Junior International at Bisley. Entered for what, you may ask? Well, 10m Air Pistol Mens Grand Prix, 25m Air Pistol Men and 10m Air Pistol Men.

This was his first international competition and we had to drive all the way down south for the pleasure. Fortunately we were able to borrow his coach’s static caravan which saved us a small fortune and as it’s on site, was very convenient.

He performed incredibly well. In the first competition he was fourth overall, (first out of the Scottish squad) not a medal obviously and the others kept telling me fourth is the worst place, but in his first international competition? I couldn’t help but beam from ear to ear.

The second competition was a bit of a surprise, I was unaware that he would be required to shoot this discipline as part of the team and he’s never shot it before, but he did really well and thoroughly enjoyed it. He shot an individual twelfth and the team were fourth overall (no medal, again, but so close!!)

The third competition is a knock out and Aedan was the only member of the Scottish squad to make it into the final by taking fifth place. The final is a grand, televised affair, with commentary and pressure and in the end, he was sixth, but I have to say I was so proud, what a little star and to really top it off, the boys got team bronze, woo hoo!!

It was a fabulous experience and we’re looking forward to a lot more competitions in the future, not least as Ciara is shooting well and has also been invited into the squad.

To really top the trip off, we stopped en route to meet up with our pals Mick and Gayle to have a quick social and a pub lunch. That was rather nice too.