Saturday 4 October 2008


David's getting really carried away now. Either that or my rather rusty navigation skills are concerning him somewhat! Anyway, he's ordered some books which have arrived this morning and they have already recieved a good thumbing. I still need to get on the hillside with a map and compass, but the clear instructions given should help.

So far, we have Navigation for Walkers by Julian Tippett and Hillwalking by Steve Long.

I've also been reassured somewhat on the matter of wild water. Carrying enough fresh water to avoid having to use wild water was going to be difficult for the odd wild camps I have planned (so far), but so long as we check the water supply upstream for a couple hundred yards, we should be safe enough, so that's another worry sorted. At the moment. Until I have nightmares!

My other skills aren't as bad as I thought, it's really a lot of common sense about what to carry, planning a route, picking the best path on the hillside, walking pace etc. and I can manage most of that. Where best to pitch a tent, cross a stream and things like that are the snippets I'm interested in. Lots of reading to do.

Will make a change from The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and Harry Potter...