Friday, 6 May 2011

Ticking off

Another item ticked off the list, this time, it was the parcels. I’ve hummed and hawed about this one, whether to post supplies to the campsites I’ll be staying at and decided I would. I’ve posted maps and Fuzion Freeze Dried dinners mostly, but I’m hoping to restock breakfast, lunch and snack items from the local shops as I pass through. I even remembered to pack an envelope in each box, postage paid, to post home the maps I’ve finished with.

I’ve also prepared a box for David to bring to Braemar, where he’s bringing the children for the weekend when I have a day off. It’s a few days before my birthday, so maybe  they’ll bring a cake and candles. Or maybe not candles, not good in a tent.

I’m planning to send a box to the hotel in Montrose as well with a few of those items I’ll have really missed, like Chanel No5, maybe a bit of slap and my slippers. I might appreciate my fluffy slippers by then. Popping them into my rucksack to take onto the train won’t be an issue, I will have returned the borrowed sleeping bag to the, so I’ll have space.

Now I shall lie awake at night, paranoid I’ve packed the wrong items in the boxes…


Alan Sloman said...

You're way ahead of me!

I've dehydrated 6 of my meals - 3 more and some puddings to do.

Then I shall send off the parcels.

Have yet to print out the maps... (hmmmm still need to get some replacement ink-jet cartridges...)

Philip said...

You probably have packed the wrong things in the boxes - everyone does. You'll open a package and think "why the @*$! did I pack that?"

Along with "How could I have forgotten that!"

Sweet dreams :-)

-maria- said...

Happy crossing to you! TGO Challenge is something I'd absolutely love to do one day (hmm, or during a fortnight actually!). But it'll need to wait until the kids are a little bit bigger.

Waiting for the trip report then later on :)

Louise said...

Alan, dehydrating food? Sounds such fun... Printing maps? I haven't managed to go lightweight on that one, I'd never have the bit I needed should I need to re-route, knowing my luck!

Philip, so kind and reassuring! I'll let you know how successful I was...

Maria, children can make this sort of escape logistically interesting. We applied as a pair last year and my mum had volunteered to look after the treasures. We didn't get on, but had a few days away anyway which was aswell, as mum decided she couldn't cope with the catering. I was so lucky this year that David said I could apply solo and he'd do the honours here, bless. I've still to negotiate following years, but I aim for David and I to cross as a pair for my 50th and our 25th wedding anniversary, by which time the children can be happily abandoned. In theory...

In the meantime, do your research and get to know your kit, you'll find it great fun and very reassuring.

Hopefully it won't take me too long to write up my report, being able to touch type helps!