Tuesday, 26 April 2011

There must be an easier way to cure a bad habit

Since having babies, so over the last fifteen years or so, I have developed a rare skill of being able to snooze in the afternoon. The One o’clock News sends me to sleep everyday and I cat nap for about fifteen, twenty minutes. The midwife had ingrained in me the importance of sleeping when baby did, so I did. Trouble is, I still do. (It’s also been reported that an afternoon nap helps lower blood pressure, which has got to be good.)

Or at least, I did.

It’s eleven days since I last enjoyed a mid-day snooze. Since the Friday I travelled down to the Borders, in fact.

There has got to be a less painful way of breaking such a lovely habit.

I miss my snooze.


-maria- said...

An afternoon nap is not a bad habit - I enjoy one every so often! :) I learned the same lesson from the midwife when I had my first one soon eight years ago, and I still often fall asleep when I'm putting our youngest one (a two year old) to her nap!

So if you miss it, snooze when you can! :)

Louise said...

Does feel good to recharge the battries mid-day, doesn't it?

Mike Knipe said...

I usually have forty winks to the background of the one o'clock news. The dawg joins me. If its a nice day, I often grab a few zzzs whilst backpacking too, although waking up thinking you're somewhere else can be interesting... Nowt wrong with it, in my view.. (unless you're driving...)

Louise said...

Very occasionally I slip into a sleep deep enough for a quick, vivid dream. That can cause some consternation when I wake up.

AlanR said...

I can drop off any time i tell myself to. It's a strange phenomenon slee

Louise said...

Pass me the nearest washing line and I'll sleep on it!