Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Moffat to Peebles Day 2

Didn’t feel to good on Sunday morning and got off to a slow start. The others all have their own, good routines for getting away from camp, I was winging it a little and was last ready for the off. I was frustrated with leaden legs, (not sore, just uncooperative) and fretted my way up the hill that started straight from our camp. Mike was a star and told me (what I knew, but was stubbornly ignoring) “Small and slow, you can walk all day that way!” and I did exactly that. I soon settled into a really good pace for me and although I was always bringing up the rear (I know my place, but I could have done without the hole in Mike’s Ron Hills…) and everyone was always waiting somewhere for me, I made my way steadily over lump after lump. There was much upness, with downs and some alongs with the promise of the pub in the distance.

SDC11455 There will be lots of nameless views for a while

SDC11457 SDC11459 SDC11461 SDC11462 The pub is down there!

When we got to the pub (after a downwards traverse of an awkward slope that made my feet sore) and we found a picnic bench to rest our weary limbs on as we consumed beer/orange squash/juice and lemonade and sandwiches. There’s a lovely campsite here, but sadly not for us. After using the facilities and filling water receptacles (bladder just doesn’t fit here) we set off at a rate of knots (flattish land!) along the shores of the loch three miles to the next camp Mike had spied for us.

SDC11464 Perfect spot!

SDC11465 Company, behind a fence

I was more organised now and decided to leave the water in my Platty from the pub for the next day to save morning faff time, so used local water for dinner and a hot drink. I really enjoyed my meal this time and felt so much better than I had the previous night. Still struggled to get to sleep but was not cold this time. We were hoping for an early start.

13.8 miles and 1800 ft total ascent (ish…)


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