Wednesday, 13 April 2011

If you walk with someone with short legs, it slows you down

So I went for a walk with Ciara to make me walk at a pace more like the speed I’ll walk on the Challenge. In theory.

This was yet another variation of the Loch Romach walk through Newtyle Forest, because it is remarkably pleasant and extremely quiet. It was a bit of a damp, grey day for the most part, but it never quite rained enough for me to deploy my waterproof jacket, the Dynamo was quite sufficient.

SDC11431 Romach Reservoir


More uphill?

We perched on the ends of some logs, sticking out from a wood stack for our picnic stop. Naughty I know, but it was a low stack and the ends were sticking out quite a way, I felt safe. We then took an alternative route to the Scurrypool Bridge and onto the Altyre Estate, so that we could check on the osprey.

They’re back!

I was very happy, so happy I took a dreadful photograph…

SDC11436Just trust me, ok?!

And we saw dippers too.

SDC11442  The white dot is a dipper, honest guv

Another pleasant stroll.

8.44 miles

803 ft ascent

2 hours 40 minutes moving

45 minutes resting

3 mph average roughly

Funny thing though, didn’t really slow me down, Ciara must be a little taller or a little fitter!


Andrew W said...

If you walk with someone with short legs, it slows you down

Not if it's a dog.
Well I can't keep up with mine, and he's nearly 70 in human years. Mind you he has got 4 legs. He's not so fast when I make him walk on 2.
And I carry the rucksack as well.

Louise said...

I had hoped that being a mini-me (now I know what I walk like from behind. Oh dear...), my daughter would be a rather steady plodder. Turns out, she's getting to be quite speedy. Must weigh her down in future with a bigger rucksack, D of E style!

Alan Sloman said...

It's all getting a bit close, isn't it?

All that time to prepare I haven't done nearly enough. I blame a rotten cold I have had for weeks now...

Still to book any of the accommodation, sort out my food menus / food parcels... But I have done a trial pack.

Flabby, tired, (no- exhausted by this rotten cold) and unprepared. Situation Normal...

Laura said...

Thought you were talking about me for a moment there!

See you soon!

Mike Knipe said...

Ooer - the less said the better about short legs (ahem ..koff....)


Louise said...

Alan, I think I've become a bit obsessive. My spices are less ordered because I've been spending time elsewhere.
I have two campsites to contact, final check, seal and post the parcels, pack rucksack....yeah, I'm just about done. Fit enough not to be completely ovewhelmed, just truely knackered.
This will probably the one and only time I'm so organised. If I get to do it again, I'll be as normal as the rest of you!

Laura, as if I would! We know we're a perfect pair. (Pear?!-))

Mike, Ciara has the perfect excuse. She's only 12. (And she's built just like me.)

As my friend Jo puts it, legs are just to keep your arse from dragging on the floor. Nice.