Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oh my word

What have I done? I should have been weight training, not walking.

Dry weight for travel, the pack is currently 10.479 kg (23lb roughly to me)

So once I’m wearing gaiters, Tilley etc. and using my poles, it brings it down (??!!) to 10.282 kg. (22 lb roughly)

But then, of course, I’ll have water on board instead, so there’ll be little difference.


(Actually, I’ve done the sums from my kit spreadsheet. I live in hope that the spreadsheet is inaccurate…)


Brian Cowling said...

Have you considered using a Super Delios to help bring your water/pack weight down?

The bottle, which can hold 300ml, weighs 58g. There might be a few puddles on your TGO to fill up from!


Louise said...

Hi Brian
I have a Travel Tap, which I'm using this weekend for the first time, so I should only be carrying a small amount of water at a time, but it weighs about 150g (I think from memory) and holds 600ml. I shall see how everything goes over the weekend and adjust before the Challenge I suspect!

Andrew W said...

A 23lb pack is light light light.
Well it is for me. Mine is going to be about 27lb's and that is the lightest I have ever got it down to.
In fact it will probably end up nearer 28.

Louise said...

I'm losing another 1lb 8ozs! But that's a story for later...