Monday, 11 April 2011

300 lemmings heading eastwards

Final Details arrived in the post this morning.

So, there are 64 of us lemmings leaving from Shiel Bridge, 88 of us finishing at St Cyrus, (45 of us on the 26th) and 11 of us leaving Shiel Bridge and finishing in St Cyrus on the same days.

I don’t know why I felt the need to highlight all that information in my copy of the details.

I’m wondering why there are only 21 solo lady lemmings, there must be something someone hasn’t told me.

I’m putting the sudden overwhelming feeling of nausea whilst reading the details down to excitement, not panic.

I am very excited.

I am.


Laura said...

I know!!!

Haven't got mine yet though - so I can't look up the stats from Oban.......

Louise said...

I would, but that would spoil your fun!
Jane Egg is starting from SB, but she's finishing in Montrose. Our paths may cross. There were one or two other names I recognised too.
Strangely, I'm one of the youngest to be leaving SB, doesn't say much for my route!

Laura said...

I think you're probably one of the youngest anyway.......

Louise said...

Not really, but I think I'll feel young and very inexperienced on my first day. Won't last, I'll feel old and decrepit by nightfall!