Monday, 1 June 2009

Girly walk

Another weekend walk with the girls (including honourary girly Delilah) from Forres, along the Findhorn, across from Altyre Woods to the Dava Way, off towards Craigroy and Burntack, round the bottom of Romach Hill, round Loch Romach, through Newtyle Forest back onto the Dava Way in a different place and back to Forres. We had another very civilised finish at Delilah's for a cup of tea, which was very welcome considering the extreme heat we were walking in, around 23 degrees. A shade to warm to walk in perhaps, but I think we all had copious supplies of water, some even had flasks of tea and plenty of nice salty crisps were on the go. Alison even managed to carry chocolate that didn't melt en route! A lovely walk in excellent company.
17.8 miles
2.8 mph average
838 ft ascent
5 hrs 53 mins walking
1 hrs 52 mins resting
Nothing stunning, but enjoyable nevertheless on a very hot day! No aches and pains today, which is nice, feet were a little sore, but I think that was due to the heat. I wore the Merrells instead of the Brashers, discretion the better etc. etc. The new bladder was great, no soapy taste, easy to use mouthpiece and the lapel clip was brilliant.


Alan Sloman said...

That's quite a big day's walk in anybody's money. Well done - Next walk - take a reasonably light pack with you to get your feet used to the weight over similar distances, then I say you are about as ready as you can be for the Chally!
And get out for a few weekends of lightweight slack-packing to home your camping skills.

S'easy, see?

Louise said...

Hi Alan!

I'm loving this walking lark, even with the odd blister and aching muscles.

Hopefully should get the two man tent out for a couple of overnighters in July when we're up at Gairloch. As Mum foolishly agreed to look after the little treasures if we get on The Challenge, we thought she should have a dry run when she comes on holiday with us! Can't wait, my first wild camp and maybe my first Munro, if I'm feeling brave.

My sister and B-in-L have offered to look after them for a few days later in the year too, so we can get a trip in. Jolly decent I thought and bit her hand off tout suite.

Had thought I should get the pack out a few times, so I'll dust it down.