Wednesday, 3 June 2009


That might actually be a minor overstatement.

On checking my planned route against the dates for next years Challenge, should I get onto it, it would appear that I will be celebrating my birthday around North Water Bridge somewhere! I should imagine the hip flask will be drained be the end of the evening. Hopefully. Might have to forego the cake and candles... (Getting a little ahead of myself here perhaps.)

Went for another 'stroll' yesterday. It actually turned out to be a brisk romp through the Altyre Estate, 8 and a half miles in 2 hours and 25 minutes. I let Angela talk while I concentrated on breathing. However, I had the Brashers on with my new merino wool socks and a strip of zinc oxide tape on either heel and was delighted that after giving my feet such a hard time, not a blister was there in sight! Now I've found a solution I can get on with the job of wearing them in, excellent news.

Back to the maps and planning a couple of overnighters next month, love a good map.


Alan Sloman said...

"Might have to forego the cake and candles..."

Nonsense, Child! You can pick up a nice cake in Edzell in the village grocers. I am sure the Post office will have candles - there will be loads of Challengers at the campsite to help eat the cake and finish off the whisky too!

Martin Rye said...

Telling us in advance will mean many will plan to eat that cake with you:) Be a great birthday on the Challenge indeed.

Louise said...

Thanks guys!

You might have noticed, I can get a bit over enthusiastic. Excitable even.

I think the thought of birthday cake and a dram with new friends, that near to the end of the Challenge will do wonders for my motivation and determination, if I suddenly have any doubts or despondency enroute. I'm quite prepared that I might feel down if I get really cold or wet, but that should keep me going.

Sure I saw someone counting down already somewhere, how many days was it?!

Phreerunner said...

Definitely looking forward to that cake, Louise!

Louise said...

Hmmm. Chocolate or carrot cake? P'raps a fruit cake laced with whisky? Mind you, that might not get on well with candles...

Decisions decisions.