Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Another Angela special

I have a weekly walk with Angela and we are often joined by Lyn, Alison, Alfie the retriever and Judith. We have two regular routes, one of about 5 miles, the other just over 6.5 miles, which I suppose could be thought of as being a little dull, but the walks are really pretty and we are chatting whilst walking briskly, so it's just a pleasant, weekly trundle.

Of late, Angela has been taking us on little adventures. These tend to be longer, very pretty and at a very brisk pace because Angela has to be at work at 11.30am. It sometimes involves a little nettle bashing, (thoroughly tick checked today, I can tell you!) we did 7.5 miles today, but today we had an added delight. Osprey!

We came by a ruined church that Angela, Lyn and I visited during the winter, (less undergrowth, two barbed wire fences.) I hadn't realised today's route would take us by the same ruin, so whilst they explored the inside, I gazed at the sky.

I heard alarm calls. They were not buzzard like, mournful and plaintive. Could it really be? No, surely not, but yes! A pair of osprey! I felt so bad, we'd obviously stumbled too close for comfort for them and whilst the girls were oohhing and ahhhing, I was urging them to move on. It was only for a minute or two and we stumbled off again through the undergrowth, skirting the barbed wire this time, but the undergrowth was over everything. We made it back to the main path (we were following a path marked on the map which is obviously not often used...) which is metalled and sped away. We eventually came to a clearing where we could look back towards the osprey eyrie. One of the birds was perched high in a neighbouring tree, once again looking happy and relaxed.

Now that was a good walk.

PS. The Brashers with the merino socks and zinc oxide tape performed well again, I'm gaining confidence!


Martin Rye said...

"I'm gaining confidence!" - add: experience, fitness,hill craft, navigation skills and fine tuning your gear will make all the difference on the Challenge. keep at it.

Louise said...

Ah, on re-reading that it's not clear what I meant. I'm gaining confidence that I'll finally break my boots in, they have been a little stubborn and my feet a little soft, but we are finally getting there, hurrah.

I think I'm confident I can attempt the Challenge, I know I am very determind when I set my heart on something, so that should help. At least living and doing most of my camping up here, I know what Scotland can throw at me weather wise, so faith in my gear, common sense and good decision making will make all the difference.

Meanwhile, I keep working on the boots!