Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Blink and you miss it

It was my birthday yesterday (as one 'friend' put it, I'm now pulling 40, not pushing it. Not a gentleman, I thought) and my treat was a quick childless dash from Coylumbridge, round Loch an Eilein and back before a bowl of soup and a cup of tea in the Mountain Cafe, Aviemore, all by the time the children came out of school. Handy, living this close to mountain gorgeousness.

The children got me two Cameron McNeish books, Scotland's 100 Best Walks and The Munro Almanac. An extremely youthful looking Mr McNeish on the front of the second! Excellent reading I'm sure, it was nice to see a few of the walks I've already done, so I must have good taste. Mum gave me a Millets gift card which was actually quite handy as my bladder has sprung a slow leak and now I've been able to replace it. The new one has a self-sealing valve so I can whip the hose off to refill the bladder more easily plus a lapel clip to keep the hose in an easy to reach position, excellent. Lets hope it doesn't leak.

Dear hubby was doing some real forward thinking, he's bought all the maps for my planned route, which makes it much easier to pore all over on the lounge floor rather than studying on the 'puter. Can't say I know any other women that would have been quite so chuffed with that one... He cooked me a fab meal too, but I won't bore you with that. Good job I've got eighteen miles planned on Sunday with the girls, that's all I can say!


Alan Sloman said...

I know quite a few Challengers who would wish they could swap their bladders so easily!

Happy Birthday, young lady!

And the maps - he's a great bloke!

Louise said...

Thanks Alan!

Knows me so well, bless him, puts up with me too. Can't beat a couple of hours, large floor space and a few maps to keep me happy. Not quite a cheap date, but easily pleased!