Wednesday, 17 June 2009


For a girl that hates shopping, I may have got a little carried away.

It's the internet that's done it, it's led me astray...

Any road up, had two parcels yesterday. One was from with food I'm trialing on our wild camp in a couple of weeks, Drytech and Mountain House, just for comparison. They sent a chocolate Club biscuit to say thank you! I was chuffed, haven't had one of those since I was a teen. The other was from, a mouthpiece cover for my platty and little bits and bobs. Today I got the tech wash/proofer (that can be a little tricky to get hold of up here) and a pouch to fit onto the front of my pack to carry my camera, otherwise, by the time I get the pack off and the camera out, the moment will have passed. I know what I'm like and I refuse to carry the darn thing around and never use it, as I have been doing.

The other week I had ordered some tops. They are a little different from the mainstream. I've been hunting a tech top that actually does what it promises and have been extremely disappointed. At around £25 a throw, I thought I'd give bamboo a whirl from It's a revelation! I love it! I can wear it several days in a row, just pottering around or out on walks and it's as fresh as a daisy! Love, love, love.

I have had a couple of jaunts with the girls. Sunday was a 10 mile round trip from Angela's, to Sally's and back again, pausing briefly at Sally's for tea and cake. It would have been rude not to! Ofcourse, when we got back to Angela's we found she'd been slaving over a hot stove at 5am, making fruit scones, so had to force a few down with butter and jam, washed down with tea, just to keep her happy...

Yesterday, Angela, Judith and I did our regular 5 mile stroll, so nothing spectacular, but very pleasant all the same and got a glimpse of the osprey too.

Saturday is the 'Ghost Train', the sponsored walk along the Dava Way, all 23 miles of it, overnight. The overnight bit is a little odd, but I'm sure it'll be fun. My sister is joining our little group, so there'll be about a dozen of us, joined by about 85 others, so don't think it's going to be much of a quiet stroll! Bacon butties will be supplied at Dunphail and "The Other" Louise has invited us all in to her's at the end for coffee, croissant and Cava.

My champagne is already chilling in my fridge. It'll help me sleep...

PS. The delivery I didn't mention.

First, I should explain my sister and b-in-L, Ian, are coming up for the weekend so that Cathy can join me on the Ghost Train. I recieved my order of 36 bottles of wine yesterday and when I told Cathy, her response was "Oh, well that should last us a couple of days."

Don't know what she meant.


Alan Sloman said...

Louise: You are a nightmare!

But we love you! If you need any help with those bottles....

Louise said...

Tee hee, think dear hubby would agree with you! Like new, shiny things, and the food was your fault!

Thirty six bottles between four over three nights? Hmm, could just do it, but might save some, along with the Glenmorangie, for Gairloch... oh, didn't mention that. Glenmorangie was on offer in Tesco, so already half way through the Talisker. Ooops, not giving a very good impression of myself here!