Monday, 3 May 2010

A weekend away

We made a flying visit to Perth this weekend, to join in the celebrations for the In-Laws Golden Wedding. Whilst we were there, David and I took the boys for a quick dash around Moncreiffe Hill, roughly 4.9 miles and total ascent of 953ft in just under 2 hours. There were some lovely views from the top which would have been better without the low cloud and light rain (waterproofs were deployed, again) but we could see Perth prison and the Tay estuary amongst other landmarks. We saw lots of wild strawberries in flower and wood sorrel en route. Not a bad walk to stretch the legs and blow away the cobwebs caused by too late a night (or early morning, as the boys were kind enough to point out…) with many G & Ts in hand, one at a time to maintain decorum, ahem.

Upon our return, I discovered I’ve won a prize! Over on Martin’s blog, I’d entered his competition last month to win a Golite Jam, amongst other goodies, and my name was first out of the hat, wow! Makes one wonder where my good luck was last October, but hey ho. I’ve supplied my address and now eagerly await my parcel, thanks Martin!

Planning is still in progress for The Great Escape, but I’m hoping to happen across a couple of Challengers, maybe in the Tomdoun area and maybe after I’ve made an attempt for my first Munro. I have no intention of starting a tick list, my vertigo would probably not allow me up certain hills and I don’t do ropes, so any ticking would be entirely pointless, but I would like to do a few for pleasure. A couple of totally unpronounceable ones have been found, Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach, in the right vicinity, so I’ll give them a shot.

Today, we’re embarking on a new mini-adventure. Geocaching. This is a family adventure, minus one. The Teenager is staying home alone, but she will at least be studying, she’s the studious type, thankfully.

Might actually take the camera and use it, for a change.


Alan Sloman said...

Lord Elpus & I are looking forward to meeting you both too! we will probably be the haggard looking pair as we should have nipped up two Munros the previous day with full Chally packs...

Louise said...

It's going to be slightly surreal, meeting virtual friends, but should be good.
We put some good practice in at the weekend, didn't leave the bar before 3 am Saturday and David did a repeat performance Sunday. (I sloped off around 11 pm, the cetrizine kicked in, renders me unconcious very effectively! Hayfever is pants.)
See you there!