Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fancy birthday pants!

Today IS my birthday. And it's a happy one!
The fancy pants I got for my birthday from David are my new Marmot Scree Pants, which had their first outing on Monday up the hill near Glenmore. They are great. David thinks so too.
I got a watch from my mum, but not just any old watch, oh no,(I've got at least three of those!) this is a special watch. It has a pedometer thingy and a distance thingy and a heart rate thingy. And a light button, which is always handy in a tent. (Or the bedroom if, like me, you are ABAAB and the clock is on the other side of the bed...) And it's black, so it matches all my other kit! I think it will be useful when I've mastered which button to press in which order to do each trick. Clever mum. Do you think she had any help?!
And the children got me the new Sherlock Holmes DVD. The question is, do I watch it with the family, or would it be more discreet at my new age to drool in private?!
Oh, and thank you Weekend Dude, very kind.
There's going to be cake. A big one. A chocolate one. With candles! (In tens and units, so as not to singe the frosting too much...)
I love birthdays!


Gayle said...

Happy Birthday!

The birthday excitement really came over in that post! Enjoy the cake, and the rest of the day.

Louise said...

Thanks Gayle!
Hmmm, guess I do get a little over excited.
Ho hum!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed the cake........sounded delicious!

Louise said...

Thanks Laura! It was yummy yummy yummy in my tummy! Luckily, I got to work it off yesterday on a 14 mile hike with my girly pals, a good move I think.

Alan Sloman said...

Cake... Lots of calories in cakes... will those trousers still fit?
Happy Birthday, Miss!

Louise said...

They are extremely stretchy trousers Alan, quite deliberately!
Mind you, did just over 14 miles with the girls yesterday, more than 1500 calouries burned! That'll keep me in the trousers. Maybe...

Thank you!