Sunday, 23 May 2010

A lazy day

We hadn’t done much, but we decided to have a lazy day Monday, firstly to really enjoy the benefits of Rosie before taking her back home, and secondly the after-effects of the Cetrizine were really beginning to kick in.

We stopped at Bridge of Oich to take some photographs of the interesting bridge and while we were there, the swing bridge opened to let some boats through. A lady Challenger stopped us on our way back to Rosie to ask directions to the GGW, which I could give directions for, thankfully.

05 17 10_0826 Bridge of Oich

We drove on to Fort Augustus, a little de ja vue perhaps. I thought it would be a good idea to buy some nik naks for the children, like you do when you’ve been away and abandoned them, so we wandered around and found some little bits and pieces to suit. We also found coffee and cakes, which we snaffled up in comfort in the back of Rosie.

Lunch became a concern after a little while, so we were glad to see the fish and chip shop by the canal was now open. We trotted up the steps and queued politely for our freshly cooked fish suppers. As we waited, the lady Challenger arrived. She duly ordered and we chatted for a while about her journey so far. She was ahead of her plan so quite chuffed but a little distracted, maybe a tad tired and bewildered? Anyway, I managed not to get her name a second time, so I hope the rest of her trip went well.VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

  The lock in action

A plan was made to try the campsite just south of Invermoriston and off we went, just a few miles up the road. It’s certainly a clean, tidy, quiet campsite, but a little odd. The chap seemed very keen for us to take a particular pitch, close to the entrance. He even lied to encourage us, we discovered later, as he’d suggested if we took a pitch further along (it’s a long, narrow campsite) we would have further to walk to do ablutions. Not so, as we found a toilet/shower block at the other end of the site. He didn’t tell us if there were any washing/drying facilities and we didn’t find any, so if there aren’t any, how did they manage to get four stars?! Odd place. I wouldn’t recommend it.

By the time David came back from the pot wash, having washed the tin mugs, I had nodded off. I stirred briefly and he sat down and put my feet over his legs, then I nodded straight back off. For over an hour. Ooops! It’s the Cetrizine, honest. Anyway, I felt much better when I did wake up, if a little groggy for a while. Dinner was boil in the bag rice, tinned chicken in white wine sauce, fruit corner yoghurt, shared a bottle of dry white and maybe a small dram nightcap.

Tuesday, we return Rosie. Boo hoo! It’s been lots of fun.


Laura said...

Glad I'm not the only one to pass out on these 'non-drowsy' (!) hayfever pills - I'm trying loratadine this year - it's not bad so far - only a short snooze today while sitting beside my daughter's bed!

Louise said...

Funny isn't it, how everyone's different on these things? Loratadine is even worse than Cetrizine for me. I always have to toss up whether I can live with itchy, swollen eyes etc., or the drugged up, dozey feeling with the tablets. It's pants!

Hope your daughter is better soon.