Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Extra trip

We’ve been planning a trip to do some walking around Glen Affric, or close by, starting on Friday, but due to a family bereavement (out-laws), we have to extend our time away and leave Thursday lunch time. We have to shoot down to Fife, attend the services, then shoot back ‘oop north’ Friday afternoon to start our break.

Mum will be here looking after the little treasures, or maybe as the responsible adult and Rhiannon will be looking after the little treasures. She has a list!

Mum has been paying attention to the weather forecast and spotted the snow and low temperatures. She keeps telling me we don’t have to go, or we can come back early.

Not a chance!!

Good luck to all Challengers, I may meet a few this year, which I’m really looking forward.  To the rest have an excellent trip and I’m poised for lots of reading!

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