Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A little about not a lot

It was a beautiful day to day, so I went for a stroll. Only a short one admittedly, one of my regular local walks, but pleasant all the same. The birds were giving it laldy from the treetops, the sun was shining and the snow has more or less all disappeared, despite another  desperate attempt at winter yesterday.

The quote of the week came from our twelve year old son, “Oh no, not more snow!”. Made me smile.

Speaking of yesterday, I’m sure there must be someone out there, somewhere, waiting with baited breath to hear about my trip to the soft tissue physiotherapist.

There must be, someone. Somewhere….

I’ll tell you anyway. I love my physiotherapist, she has healing hands. Along with an unending supply of photocopied exercise sheets. I’ve got a different one this time, with three exercises and no fun equipment. (I had a large, red, elastic band to treat my weakened rotator cuff muscle…) Easy. After a little manual manipulation for my soft tissue impingement, (trapped nerve), I’m on the waiting list for further treatment and all I have to do is complete my exercises daily, wait a month and phone back if I need a follow-up appointment, otherwise it will be assumed I’m fit and discharged.

I have faith, my physiotherapist is wonderful. With any luck, I might finally be rid of the pins and needles sensation in my left index finger, as well as the pain in my neck and shoulder.

Feeling so much better already, I’ve started to plan the summer holiday with the children. Yey!

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