Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Have to get up early to get one over on me…

Well, the birds do at least.

And they did try, dear little things.

I did my BGB for the RSPB on Sunday morning because I was too busy watching/drooling over James Martin on Saturday Kitchen. I did my hour and had four blackbirds, a robin and two sparrows to show for it. This was just not on, it’s not a true representation at all of the birdlife in my garden. So, I did another hour later in the day and picked the list with a better representation of my garden and ended up with four blackbirds, a robin, two sparrows, a rook, a blue tit and thirteen chaffinch. This is definitely closer to the truth, but I did notice the yellowhammers and collared doves were back yesterday. Typical.

The woodpeckers were drumming again yesterday as Louise, Lyn and I stumbled around our usual Monday walk, in the snow. Yes, we had more fresh snow, but this was really pretty, even as it fell heavily upon us as we stumbled along. Hoppy didn’t join us. We tracked animals in the snow and tried our best to identify them, I still have some research to do on that, but the roe deer were unmistakable. We saw a mixed flock of tits, including long tailed, great and coal and Lyn was sure she saw a jay, but I missed it. They are present in the wood, so she could well have done. She saw a red squirrel too, lucky thing. I may have been too busy gassing at that point…


mike knipe said...

I made the mistake of putting out some stale Asda fruit scone and, suddenly, the garden was mobbed by an uncountable number of noisy starlings. I guessed at forty. There could have been a lot more, but they kept moving around.
My tribe of sparrows turned up plus a blackbird and a great tit.
And nothing else.

Louise said...

I reckon they all book a holiday for two weeks at the end of January, every year.

Maybe a coast to coast somewhere.


Ummmm. A little ugly? Too obvious perhaps.