Friday, 19 February 2010

Anyone for a cheap date?

I made an excellent decision this morning and left the car on the driveway to take a stroll into town. I only had a couple of minor jobs, pay a cheque into the bank (our daughter’s a winner! £25 on the premium bonds. She won’t share….) and pop to the health food shop in search of a wheat bag. No heavy load on return, so I really couldn’t justify the car for a 5.5 mile round trip on such a glorious day. I even turned down the offer of a lift twice, once on the way there and secondly from the same incredulous acquaintance on the way back. It was snowing by this time, somewhat unexpectedly, so I can understand her puzzlement, but I was dry and snug and happy, happy, happy.

Ben Wyvis and other  hills I have yet to identify were snow capped and glowing golden in the winter sun in the distance, there was a distinct chill in the air, but there were only a few grey clouds, high and non-threatening, so all was well with the world.

As I strolled into town this morning, a letter I’d read in the TGO came to mind. A chap was telling a tale of how he met a group of walkers on the mountainside on Skye that, despite the glorious views available, were discussing the qualities and benefits of their latest gear, amongst other things, but not their outstanding surroundings.

I’m a cheap date  because you can plonk me in the middle of the countryside, give me a fantastic view and a bit of wildlife and you’ll have me reduced to a quivering wreck and I’ll be yours for life. (Well, actually, I’m firmly taken, but you get the gist.)

You might well ask what made me feel like this, what made my day today?

A red squirrel, in the park in town, and a stoat in ermine!

I’d noticed what I thought was a piece of rubbish, floating about the grass, then realised there wasn’t a strong enough breeze. Bouncing along the verge ahead of me he was, then he stopped and peered at me and I got within about six feet of him for a really good look! No camera of course, but it was truly awesome.

Yep, cheap indeed.

(Let me lull you into a false sense of security before I mention the Chanel No5 and a penchant for Tattinger…)


Alan Sloman said...

Chanel No. 5 - It's all a girl should wear in bed...

ooh! Word = 'forties'
So especially true.

Louise said...

And a smile?!

Phil said...

Chanel No 5 and Taittinger. Yep, Miss W is at home drinking either.

Louise said...

Goes well with dark chocolate. The girl has good taste!