Monday, 28 December 2009


Very trying.

The weather, that is.

Not a bad Christmas in itself though. Back to our usual, totally selfish, ‘just us’, none of this faffing about with visitors, or trying to get somewhere else despite weather and strikes. We tried having a visitor last year, it was okay, just not as relaxed as usual.  We had good reason to invite mum, it was her first Christmas since dad died unexpectedly four days before Christmas the year before, so we thought the children would be an excellent distraction for her and it was.

But, never again. I like Christmas this way.

The weather is trying, however. We had snow, as previously mentioned, the weekend before Christmas. This meant the girly walk was cancelled due to common sense prevailing. We had a huge thunder storm, with rain and everything, on the 23rd, but then it froze. And I mean froze. It’s not been above freezing for more than a couple of hours since and has been into minus double figures at night. There’s sheet ice from the doorstep and beyond and so I’ve been trapped. For a girl who can fall over fresh air, ice is not good.

Today, we’re going to try. If I can make it to the car, (sounds like madness to me!) we can troll down to the beach at Findhorn and it’ll either be frozen solid, therefore walkable, or not frozen at all, therefore walkable, just! We’ll soon see.


Anonymous said...

It's incredibly frustrating not being able to get out and walk - you're so lucky having that beautiful scenery right on your doorstep.

(Hope your Mum has some company this year too!)

Louise said...

Ruth, is that you?

Yep, mum's at Cathy's this year for a fortnight and she's going with them to a gite in France for a fortnight next summer too.

I did warn Cathy it's like having
a(n extra) child. She told hubby Ian to make sure mum took her walking boots when he collected her. Mum 'forget' them. And her waterproof walking jacket.

Not so subtle, me thought.

Hope things are going well your end. Lots of family to keep happy, but perhaps lots of entertainment for the children to give you a break? Doesn't always work like that, I know. Snow your way maybe?