Saturday, 19 December 2009

Nine out of ten

…people love chocolate. And the other one is lying.

(Kirsty Allsop said so, before anyone notices I nicked it.)

Anyway, we’ve got a pre-Christmas dawdle tomorrow and I’ve made some of Nigella’s Christmas Puddini Truffles as a Christmas treat for my bestest friends, (I’m known as the gourmet foodie and wine expert. No idea why.) We normally walk on the last weekend of the month, but figured next weekend we might not feel like it, what with one thing or another.

So I’ve been having a laugh at everyone's expense down south of the border as one snowflake sends the media into a frenzy and here in the north of Scotland, not a single one was to be had. Snowed a fair bit this morning, but it was too wet to settle, ah ha! Then, the temperature dropped like a stone and we had ice like sheet glass everywhere and not a gritter in sight.

Now, it’s snowing.

Maybe, tomorrow we’ll be ice skating, not walking!

Although Angela has an excellent sledging hill in her back garden…

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mike knipe said...

There was another snowflake later on - apparently, this one blocked the Channel Tunnel...