Sunday, 20 December 2009


We have a few inches of snow now and I was all poised for some fun in the snow wearing a cosy combo of bamboo, merino, Montane and Peter Storm, but my sensible head told me to speak to to Angela first, as they live in them there hills.

Unfortunately, as anticipated, they have much more snow than the coast dwellers down here so, unless I wanted to walk alone, the dawdle is postponed.

And I've got all those Puddini Truffles to put myself on the outside of. They've as much chance of getting through Christmas as a turkey, (courtesy Kirsty, again).


Perhaps we won't pop down to Glenmore tomorrow either, conditions might further hamper our already restricted time. Pants.

Or, worse still, the schools might be shut. Quelle horreur! That would be a huge cat amongst the pigeons, I've presents to wrap.

Ho ho indeed.

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