Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A good start

My busy morning has been disturbed.

I’ve been good today and it’s only 11.20am. I’ve started the washing in the washing machine, just got to remember to get it out again. Soon. I’ve washed up, which is always a good thing. After running out of excuses, I bit the bullet and submitted my ECA for my photography course. It’s nine days early, so if I have too many nightmares I can still make changes and re-submit. Up to 99 times, apparently…

I was congratulating myself whilst putting up the ironing board, (a day for chores today) when I was disturbed by a commotion outside. Peering out of the front window, I could see dozens of seagulls, rooks and jackdaws swooping manically at something out of my vision, round the corner of the house. They were making a dreadful racket and obviously mobbing something, then there was a dull thud from the side of the house near the a gate and our local overweight wood pigeon joined the throng.

I’m a big, brave girl, so I decided to investigate, (it’s daylight, after all). There were lots of feathers in the back garden and at first I wondered if the sparrowhawk had been lucky. I crept round the corner of the house to find more feathers and a fat, grey cat, under siege from the mobbing birds. He hadn’t noticed me and I gave him an enormous fright, bet it stung a bit, clawing his way up the fence! There were plenty of feathers about the place but no dead or dying bird, I reckon it was the wood pigeon who’s got to live another day. He’ll be easy spot, the one with half a pillow missing from his backside!

Can’t beat a bit of drama, early in the morning.

Onwards, ever onwards. Just about time for a little something.

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