Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nothing to say

I suspect this blog may go quiet for an extended period until I have something relevant or interesting to say.

I may change my mind, it is my prerogative.

Just now, I really couldn’t say.


Alan Sloman said...

Dare I ask...

Did you two get a place?

Louise said...

... on stand by.

Trying everso hard to be positive and not gutted.

Failing miserably.

Resisted the urge to break into the Christmas Glenmorangie. Dreamt about packing my pack last night.

I did go for a walk today though, that's always a good thing. Need to walk further for a good serotonin hit... Dare say the cheeky smile will be back soon.

C'est la vie.

I know, sit tight till April. I will.

Alan Sloman said...

Louise - that's a real sod...

And after waiting a year too... Right then - be positive! Think small numbers and you'll get a good number from Uncle Roger. I hope so anyway.

Fingers crossed here for you both.

Louise said...

Thanks Alan.

I think there's a lot of finger crossing going on out there, I've noticed a few names I recognise have been disappointed.

I was so busy being prepared and fit for getting picked, I didn't prepare myself very well for not being! Makes it worse that David is more pragmatic than me, "There's still a chance and if not this year, there's always next!"

I find it really hard to think like that. I'd rather he was miserable with me and then we'd climb out of it together. Feels harder, being miserable alone.

Just call me Eeyore, "A hug would be nice"!