Wednesday, 18 November 2009


It’s a conspiracy, I’m sure of it.

David took a few days leave to cover the inset days the children had off school and a couple extra so that we could do a couple of walks. We don’t get to walk much just the two of us, so it’s nice to take the opportunity to do something the little legs and grumpy teenager might not want to.

We managed the sixteen miler last Thursday, which was fun, and were planning to do a shorter walk in the Cairngorms today. There’s a low ridge that runs between Meall a Bhuachaille (810m), Creagan Gorm (732m) and Craiggowrie (687m), so it’s certainly nothing major, but you do get some nice views.

The plan was to start the route from Glenmore where we usually finish coming off Meall a Bhuachaille and turn left at the top, walk along to Craiggowrie and down, wandering through the woods at the Badaguish Outdoor Centre back to Glenmore, around seven and half miles. We should hopefully have time to get there, do the walk, grab lunch in Aviemore, (our favourite tends to be the Cairngorm Hotel, it’s busy but quite reliable) and motor back in time for little treasures getting back from school.

I was not impressed with my Achilles over the weekend, it has been a little sore, but I was prepared to put on a tubi-grip and ignore it. Not wise perhaps, but I’m getting a little reckless in my old age. I was even less impressed when I started coughing on Monday and this morning it showed no sign of  easing.  A nuisance because I know I would huff and puff my way up the uppy bits, which would make me cough and aggravate my asthma, making me wheeze and onward with a viscous circle. Add to that another minor inconvenience, (especially on a hill) and the sensible decision was made.

I’m dosed with paracetamol, hot honey and lemon, David is decorating the bathroom. Pah! What a waste of a day’s leave. Not a happy bunny. Sensible, but grumpy. Very, very grumpy. If I hadn’t have hidden it for Christmas, there’d be a dram in that there honey and lemon!

Pencilled it in for a day in December, but then it becomes more weather reliant.


Phreerunner said...

Do hope your achilles improves, Louise.
Take it easy!

Louise said...

It's one of those annoying injuries that seems to be doing fine but then flares up again. Hope Sue's muscle problem is improving too, it can be so frustrating when there's so much fun to be had out in them there hills!

Alan Sloman said...

Ah Louise

The difference is that Sue's injury is feigned so that she doesn't have to get dragged up those wet sloppy hilly things that Martin so adores in the winter-time. By summer her back will have miraculously got better - you mark my words! Sensible gurl is our Sue...

Achilles need gentle excerise to mend - a short stroll to the pub for a pint of muscle relaxant usually helps...

Louise said...

"Achilles need gentle excerise to mend - a short stroll to the pub for a pint of muscle relaxant usually helps..."

I like that. Sounds like a plan to me! Is a pint enough?

I don't mind if the required dose needs me to force down a little more. Good job I had the swine flu jab in my other arm!

Phreerunner said...

Louise, Sue had an achilles problem last year after our Alps trip, due to wearing worn out boots Rest and stretching exercises sorted the problem. She wishes her current problems were as easily cured! Virtually all plans for next year are on hold, she's unable to work and is missing diving and skiing trips as well as being unable to walk any significant distance or carry anything.


Louise said...

It must be hideous Martin, I really sympathise. For someone so fit and active to be so completely incapacitated is like being a trapped and caged animal. The strength of mind is sorely tried in these kind of circumstance.

You're quite right about the rest and stretching exercises (although Alan's remedy is also very appealing...) and I do try, but when the opportunity to escape for a long walk with friends arises, I find common sense takes a back seat. I must learn to suffer in silence from self inflicted discomfort!
Best wishes to Sue.