Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Memory lapse

Just occured to me, I didn't mention my new kit. Nothing exciting though.

The rain wasn't wet enough yesterday for me to don my new Paclite trousers, but they are nice and light to carry, taking up no space at all. Jolly dee.

We both needed new poles and I needed ones that were suitable for a bear of little brain. I really fancied Pacer Poles and have seen many a recommendation for them, but I am somewhat, how shall I say, completely useless with this twisting mechanism thing. I either can't undo them, can't do them up, or inadvertently pull them apart. My bottom bit has also been sucked off in a bog on atleast two occasions.

So, we went for the easy option and both have nice new, shiny pairs of Black Diamond Alpine CF poles which have FlickLocks. Light, oh yes, very. Easy, oh so easy peasy! I can adjust my poles on the move, all by my little old self, no help required. Yey! David will be happy.

I am too.

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