Wednesday, 9 September 2009

But with true grit and determination

I am now enrolled on the course.

And I've written my Challenge entry. It was a little long winded in rough, unusual for me, now it's succinct and to the point, my inexperience exposed in all it's nakedness. If I can just nag, I mean, persuade David to give me his details, (I know the important bits, it's his tall tales of hillwalking without me I'm after!) I can get this entry posted.

By the beginning of November, we'll all know. This bit has got to be worse than the walking!


Alan Sloman said...

Good luck with your entry - we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for you.

Martin Rye said...

Good luck. Still pondering applying myself.

Louise said...

Thank you both. Now I need to distract myself! I've got to get to Montrose so that I can pick up my prize from Martin and Sue.

Martin, one of things I'm looking forward to most is meeting all the people I've met in the virtual hills. It will be great to meet as many as possible, those that have been so encouraging and supportive and those whose blogs I follow and learn from.

It will be great to see you both in Montrose.

...and my prize dram.

mike knipe said...

You're not supposed to tell the absolute truth on those forms! You have to exaggerate a bit and use your hippocampus thingy...

Louise said...

Hi Mike, you obviously used yours to find your way here!

David's my secret weapon. The only reason I'm letting him tag along really. Typical bloke, you know, looks and sounds as if he knows what he's talking about.

And he has an active hippocampus.