Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Boring nothingness

After a much closer inspection (a little tricky in the current state of curvaceousness) I have discovered the back of my ankle does indeed have some swelling and inflamation. Looks like it might be bursitis or similar. Pants! On with the tubigrip and more resting. As if I haven't done enough of that lately! My sister was in touch yesterday, apparently she too has an injury to the achilles on her right ankle. Spooky.

After all that ridiculous rain last week, yesterday we had gale force winds. Had to get David home from work in the afternoon for damage limitation, turn the trampoline over and nail bits of the shed back together, but it was too late for the bird table, it was already destroyed by this time.

I was making bread this morning and as I'd boiled the kettle already, decided to make a cup of tea to brew at the same time. I rescued the tea bag from the jug of warm water for the bread just in time.

I've also spent the last 20 minutes trying to register on my next OU course, but I've been sent round in circles from switchboards to recorded messages to English registrations (no good when you live in Scotland...) and back again. Pah! Try again tomorrow maybe.

Maybe someone is trying to tell me something...

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