Monday, 3 February 2014

What is going on? And yes!

Out for my regular stroll today (as I was too lazy, yet again, to grab that early lift and walk home in the dark to extend my routine walk) I found this:


Now I don’t know much, but on close inspection, this appears to be a mx of household waste and what I would term, business waste.

I was very cross.

Having taken my photographic evidence (obsessive behaviour, me?) I continued my walk.

My mood was lifted when I reached the site of my complaint to the council last Friday. The area has been completely cleared, even litter that I don’t think was connected with the workmen has been removed, the plastic wrapping dug into the earth has been dug out and I am delighted. (The work itself I would still describe as shoddy, but this is a different issue…)

I felt far less incandescent today as I am confident if I use my new found contact at the council waste department, the issue will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Today’s email:

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your prompt reply and response to the littering issue I brought to attention by email on Friday. I found today that the problem has been dealt with quickly and thoroughly and I am very grateful.

Unfortunately, today I've found that another issue has arisen since Friday morning, this time with regards fly tipping. A pile of refuse bags containing what looks to be perhaps household waste and with it some business waste has been dumped in the small parking area on the left of the Findhorn Road, just before Seapark View (the old Stables Inn) grid ref. roughly NJ 060 622.

I should probably use the online form to report this, but I prefer to document photographic evidence which the online form isn't enabled to do, so I hope you don't me contacting you directly, especially as the response is so quick and effective.

Thank you again for your help, it is much appreciated.

I’ll keep you posted (‘scuse the pun…)

Edited Monday

On closer inspection, I wouldn’t mind betting (I don’t gamble, and when I do it’s in pants and I win…) that there is a second crime that has been committed here. The blue/purple cable covering is for a specific use, less likely to be used by your average builder. I would also say that the cabling had been stripped and the copper stripped out, so maybe it was stolen. Just wondering…

The reply:

Thank you for your email.

I have reported the fly tipping back to our depot.With regards to the online form, it also comes directly to our waste email here so there is no problem at all with the method you choose to alert us.



AlanR said...

Yer on a roll now. Complaining isn’t a “waste” of time after all.

Louise said...

Very droll! Indeed, I'm very pleased with the results so far.

Stan Appleton said...

Just take care taking photos. I've been threatened and had to rush away when taking pics of fly-tipping in Leeds.
But don't let that stop you !

Louise said...

Aw, thanks Stan, that's very kind of you to worry! I have to say though, I live in the backwaters of Moray, it's a very quiet county and to be honest, I rarely see anyone on my little strolls. If there was anyone there at the time, I'd walk on and go back! But thank you, I'll be careful x