Friday, 31 January 2014

Incandescent with rage!!

I was out for my regular stroll today and I returned incandescent with rage.

There has recently been some works carried out along the local roads that appears to have been related to drainage or water works. When I walked today, I found litter along side the work sites, strongly suggesting a connection between the two. (The litter is generally spread liberally along the verge, rather than gathered in one area) There was also litter that was almost undeniably connected, a couple of plastic bags clearly labelled ‘Macadam’ next to fresh repairs on the tarmacked cycle path as well as plastic wrapping dug into the earth replaced during the works also discarded nearby.

Here is a copy of the email I sent to the council:

I have made a complaint via your online complaints form today about recent littering along the Kinloss to Findhorn cycle path, but I wish to send the photographs I have taken as evidence of the littering which has so infuriated me. The proximity of the litter to the work recently carried out along the road and the fact that some of it is undeniably connected with the work carried out leads to the conclusion that the littering was indeed caused by the workmen. I do not think they were council employees, more likely contractors or employees of the water authority if it was their work.

My son is currently undertaking a regular litter pick along this path as part of the voluntary section for his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and I am therefore confident that the mess will be tidied shortly. I find it appalling and totally unacceptable behaviour and whilst I think it highly unlikely that the workmen or the company involved will be reprimanded, they should be utterly ashamed that a sixteen year old youth is tidying up after grown men as a mother would a small child.

The litter in question is a mix of food packaging, cigarette packets and plastic wrapping directly linked with the work carried out. A plastic bag labelled ‘Macadam’ within feet of a freshly tarmacked repair to the cycle path is undeniably connected. The littering along this path is usually spread liberally along the way. This litter is all collected around the work sites, suggesting the work and the litter are connected.

I do hope you find the attached photographs of interest.

I do not expect any action to be taken and if I do not receive a satisfactory response, I will probably contact the local paper too.


2014-01-31 09.47.10

Showing the proximity of the rubbish to the work site, although it’s more obvious in the flesh

2014-01-31 09.48.49

That white strip in the background? it’s this:


Clearly stating what it once contained…

2014-01-31 09.50.12

Plastic wrapping…



2014-01-31 09.52.24

Clearly dug in to the work site


Not random rubbish


The remnants of their packed lunch?


Another ‘Macadam’ bag.

I need to lie in a darkened room to calm down.

Or hit the bottle…


AlanR said...

Hit the bottle but don’t leave it on a cycle path. It upsets ‘um yer no. Sorry.

I think from your letter you will hear something. Well done.

Louise said...

I have! I'm currently hopeful and I shall drink moderately this evening to celebrate, thank you Alan!
The reply:

Thank you for your email and attachments.

I have reported this issue and forwarded the pictures to our depot so that it can be investigated.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Brian Cowling said...

Careful - otherwise you'll catch what I've got; anticouncilitus.

Today I served a legal enforcement notice on my council (a Highways Act thingy) which helped relieve my condition somewhat.

Well done you though.

BG! said...

Well done! There's nowt wrong with proper complaining. Believe me, it's an art and I'm a professional :-)

You should have extended the complaint to cover the shoddy repair job - it looks like they tipped the stuff in, stamped on it a bit and then did a runner. I doubt it'll last a year.

Go on, stir the pot a bit more while you have their attention!

Louise said...

Hi Brian. The last twice I've made a complaint, the council have been quite quick to act and the problem dealt with, (fly tipping and dog fouling) so I'm fairly hopeful and as I've heard back already that they will be investigating, I should see results, but thank you for the encouragement.

Louise said...

Hi BG (Can't remember your name, Stefan is ringing a bell?)
Funnily, I have taken a few more shots, just in case I decided to pursue that issue. The majority of covers they have removed during their work have not been replaced properly and I have photographed these. The darling Alan Sloman has also pointed out that the wrong grade of tarmacadam has been used for the cycle path repairs, I have photographic evidence of this too. Before I can make this complaint, I'll need to find the right department (I have a friend whose husband is a manager at the council, I do hope it's not his...) to make the complaint to, but I think I will...