Saturday, 8 February 2014

Romach Loch

We have visitors!

Mick and Gayle have once again pitched Colin on our drive for a couple of days and I have been put in charge of route planning. If it hurts, it is therefore self-inflicted pain and I deserve no sympathy.

I chose to do a circuit I’ve done a few times from Clashdhu and around Loch Romach before picking up the Dava Way to return to the car.

As we set off it was quite a lovely day, bright with some signs of blue skies but a little chilly, so I was well layered as we left the car and set off up the minor road from Clashdhu, having decided that the woodland track through Annie Pauls Wood would be too muddy. At Craigroy we turned towards Burntack to then take the forestry tracks through Newtyle Forest along the edge of Romach Hill. These are very pleasant woodland tracks lined by larch with occasional glimpses of what are probably lovely views over the Moray Firth and the hills.


Mick, Gayle and David forging ahead

After slogging up endless pimples, we slowly descended to the loch where we decided to have lunch. Or rather, I pointed it out this is where I usually stop to have lunch and we did. The water level was noticeably low, the lowest I’ve seen it and the only conclusion is that we had a relatively dry summer and so far, a relatively dry winter.

We chilled quickly during our lunch break, so we soon set off again at speed to generate some heat as we made our way to the top of the last real pimple of the day.


Mick and David strolling on

Strolling along yet more woodland tracks we soon met the Dava Way on the Altyre Estate near Scurrypool Bridge, where we turn south and made our way back to the car.

Roughly (due to a dodgy GPS connection) 9.06 miles, 1365 ft ascent and average 2.5 mph

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