Sunday, 1 July 2012

Advice please

David is now the proud owner of a Voyager Superlight, part of his Significant Birthday present.

My question is, do we need to seam seal before use, if so, how and with any specific product? Information from their website is not completely illuminating and I know someone out there will enlighten me.

Thank you.


John J said...

Try Denis, I'm sure that's the one he had on this year's Challenge.


Gayle said...

We didn't seal Susie, our Voyager Superlite, when we got her. I can't remember the exact number, but she kept us dry for something like 100 nights before her seams started leaking. But when they did leak, they leaked big time. So, I would say to seam seal to be on the safe side.

Choices are silicon sealant mixed with White spirit, or (for less faff but more expense) McNett Silnet. I used the latter on Susie and she's been watertight ever since (I used silicon/White spirit on Wendy and that worked fine too).

Louise said...

Thanks both.
Gayle, I knew you'd know! Thank you!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday David!

Louise said...

I'll tell him Laura.
There are more purchases to reveal, once they are all together I can photograph all the shiny new toys!!

Louise said...

Alan R wrote:
Hi Louise,
Buy a cheap tube of builders silicone sealant (much cheaper than buying McNett seam sealant), and a bottle of white spirit.
Mix a small quantity like 2-3 tablespoons of silicone with the same amount of white spirit.
Mix thoroughly until like a paste and then apply.(I found it easier just to use my finger to apply it, or use a small paintbrush. Don't leave it, because it goes off pretty quickly.
Repeat the process as required.

Davids a lucky boy.

Louise said...

Sorry Alan, one careless slip of the finger and I deleted your comment rather than publishing. Oops, sorry!
Still, a bit of copy and pasted and we're back in business.
Thanks for the tip.
David can play with that whilst I'm having fun with the Guides at PGL this weekend.
Or not...