Friday, 13 July 2012

A weekend away

Last weekend was a weekend away with the Guides and Rangers at PGL Dalguise.

PGL stands for Parents Get Lost apparently. It is a holiday camp for children where individuals, groups and youth organisations can have an adventure holiday with good accommodation and food. Of sorts.

We took three Rangers and six Guides on our trip and we all had a ball. There was zip wire, fencing, giant swing and archery on the first day. I joined in with the archery. There was Jacob’s ladder, challenge course, Sequoia scramble and survivors on the second day. I did the challenge course and didn’t get very far on the Sequoia scramble! On the last morning we had trapeze and vertical challenge. I did neither.

By the end of the weekend, I hurt. Not from the activities, from the laughing. Particularly when Janet, Maxine and I completed the challenge course. Well, I did. I was the only one (out of us leaders) that completed without injury or missing an element. But then, it didn’t include much up, more along and undignified.

That was the main bit of the weekend anyway.

SG103522 Janet found her competitive streak


My Ciara was helped to the highest point in her team on the Jacob’s Ladder

SG103661 Ciara emerges from a 10m stretch of tunnel with water running through. No.

SG103673 Leap for the buoy rather than trapeze

Not surprisingly there are no photographs of me…

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