Friday, 15 June 2012

My favourite hill extended

The last time I was up my favourite hill, Meall a’ Bhuachaille, was for my 40th birthday in May 2008. In May 2010 we popped up Craiggowrie with three of the little treasures, here. Today, we decided to combine the two, a walk I’ve been planning to do alone for a while now, but we had an unexpected opportunity and took it.
SDC12598 Not quite windswept and interesting, yet
We parked by the Glenmore Lodge before making our way towards Ryvoan Bothy. I have done this track so much now, and not so long ago it was quite painful. Today, it was pain free.
After a short time we arrived at the bothy and popped in for shelter while we had our snack and I took a  peek at the bothy book to see who’d passed through on the Challenge this year.
SDC12602 I’m going in
SDC12605 Rather a bright, tidy bothy today
SDC12606 Wearing my “Christmas Cracker” hat
I was rather chuffed to be wearing my own Berghaus Paclites for the first time ever! Having put on a pound during the Challenge, I’m rather pleased to have lost more than half a stone since.
We set off up the path and I fell immediately into Pidgeon Pace. This enabled me to make it to the top with only three minor pauses, a first for me.
SDC12608This doesn’t look too dissimilar to the last time I saw, or rather didn’t, Bynack Mor
There was some weather around. It was a bit damp and breezy and there was low cloud quite a lot of the time.
SDC12612  Leading the way
SDC12614 And into the gloom we go
SDC12616 It took just short of two hours to reach the cairn
SDC12617 And then we struck off into the gloom again to find the path down off the other side and then up Creagan Gorm.
SDC12622 Hard to smile in the wind and rain
Again, I set off at a fair pace along the ridge towards Craiggowrie
At one point, I had to tell TTS to go ahead of me, I was so aware of how close behind me he was I was worrying too much about where I was putting my feet so as not to be in his way. Trouble is, He took photographs of me coming towards him instead.
SDC12626On my way
SDC12628  Yes, I know
SDC12629 And then I’d had enough and speeded up!
We took a slight detour from Badaguish to make sure we were able to call into the Coffee Shop at Glenmore for cake and coffee. Actually, it was Danish Apple Strudel and Hot Chocolate for me, but it was enough to sustain me on our way back to the car.
10.2 miles, 2354 ft, 2.49 average mph, 5.52 hrs.
Approximately because the batteries ran out of the GPS. Again…
There was wildlife, but I can’t remember most of it. There was Golden Plover though. And flowers, lousewort, butterwort, tormentil, milkwort and orchids (pyramidal, I think, but I’m checking!)


Alan Sloman said...

Ah.. The Christmas Cracker Party Hat comment...

It's a fine piece of head gear that looks quite splendid.

That better?

Laura said...

Nice walk - :)

Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

You don't half look different without the huge backpack and the Tilley hat.

Good selection of flora - that lousewort is one letter short of being louise-wort. Or to look at it another way Louise is one letter off of being a louse. Discuss?

Louise said...

I've been a louse all my life, due to the numpties I was at school with not being able to spell. Hence my email address...
It felt very strange, walking without the huge pack, I have to say! Nice to be back out in the hills though.

Anonymous said...

Coo, hills! I'd forgotten what they looked like (although grey and misty looks familiar).

Louise said...

Hm, know what you mean!