Friday, 1 June 2012

So, 49 weeks to go then…

And what do you do with yourself when you’ve been back from the Challenge for a week and you’re still suffering withdrawal symptoms?

You go looking for a new pair of boots of course!

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am exceptionally bad at making decisions, so if you have anything useful to say that might help me, please do. Useful, mind.

I have had my feet properly measured and all that and tried on a few boots. On the shortlist  Meindl Burma Pro or Meindl Softline (that in itself is a bit of an issue, as there appears to be two versions of this boot and I think the pair I tried were the 2011 version. That might help the decision making in the long run.)

As it happens, I had to go up half a size in the Burma, which puts me into the popular size that is trickier to get hold of.

I like them both. They are both very comfy. The Burma has a more rigid sole which I am lead to believe is more suitable, but I don’t know anything about the technical side (nothing new there then.)

Any ideas?

I’m erring towards the Burma…


Andrew W said...


I know you won't.
I know you want boots

But... Shoes :)

John J said...

I've got the Burmas and I think they're wonderful: comfy, hard wearing, waterproof (!) and a generally good boot.
They also have a broad fit that suits my wide feet.
I was measured at size 10.5 but size 11 is a MUCH more comfy fit for me - I'd definitely go with the extra half-size up.
So what size do you reckon you need?
(STILL writing up his blog!)

Louise said...

Andrew. I know you like shoes. And you know I'm going to get boots! But I do have a reason for that.

My right ankle was quite swollen (although not painful) when I finished and it would appear to be caused by the sides of my ankle protecting my dodgy achilles as my Merrells weren't supportive enough.

So. Boots it is.

Louise said...

Having odd and slightly broad feet, I was not surprised to measure up just short of 4.5 on the left and just short of 5 on the left. A 5 in the Softline was nice and comfy but 5.5 in the Burma was better. I think the more rigid sole would protect my delicate feet in all the right places.

So there it is me thinks!

Louise said...

Oh, and get on with the write up JJ!! Tsk.

John J said...

I am, I am!


Anonymous said...

"just short of 4.5 on the left and just short of 5 on the left" - two left feet huh...that must have you going in circles!

Louise said...

Ah yes, Cathy, but JJ would know what I meant, 'cos his mind works the same way ;-)

Laura said...

So you're 'umming and erring then? I had Meindl boots (although I think they were the non-goretex kind) which were fantastic for my first challenge and nearly amputated my little toes on the who knows what to recommend.....except if you buy them early you can really break them in. My only real thoughts are that if your Brashers are a good fit why not go with another pair of them? I'm not sure that Meindls would be so comfy for you....

Louise said...

Did consider just replacing the Brashers. They are comfy for a day walk, but I think I would still have issues on consecutive days. My Achilles lump is maybe going to be a problem that I think the memory foam of the Meindl will cope better with. The Brashers also have a tendancy to crease along the top of my toes and it is extremely painful, so I'm still erring towards the Burma. Specially since I've tried them on again alongside the Softline and they were the better of the two. Anyway, won't be before Christmas. Or a good sale!!

nik said...

Meindl are great, but if you have lots of time to explore you might also want to check out Aku boots if you can find any. Their last is pretty good for women with a narrow heel and instep, but a broad forefoot.

Louise said...

Hello Nik! You're right, I do have lots of time, so I will be looking at more boots. Lots in fact! I think I know of an Aku outlet round here, so I'll be popping by. Thanks for the tip!

Alan R said...

Hi Louise,
Cograts and all that. I havn't had time to read all TGO posts yet. But i will.
re boots, I have the Softline and they are very comfy boots. The early models had some sole probs so stay away from any early bargains.
They don't exactly dry very quickly, and so can feel quite heavy when wet.
Have you considered an in between shoe - boot like these in the link.

Wow that's some link. Just a thought.

Louise said...

Hi Alan. Thanks for the thought. I have actually looked at these before but they don't suit. I really do need the ankle support as the swelling proved this year, from the sides of my ankle trying to protect my Achilles that wasn't supported by the mid boots I was wearing. Fairly confident I'll for Burmas, when I find them at a good price. No hurry!
Cheers anyway.