Saturday, 26 May 2012

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The write up for my "TGO Challenge 2012 Strathcarron to Braidon Bay (Well, it started off that way...)" is available on the right. Any corrections/additions/reminders please let me know!


Gayle said...

Excellent stuff! I'll have to read it again (maybe not until mid-July, mind...) with a map at hand to follow where exactly it was that you went.

I would concur that JJ is a complete star, except he'll probably hear and get all big headed ;-)

Louise said...

Most of the route was pretty standard I'd guess. Apart from the scenic bits.

JJ is on the list of Challenge Heroes, without a doubt. Wouldn't have made it without his determination and calm. Poor love, putting up with me!

Andrew W said...

How on earth did you find the time to write that up so soon?

Mine will take about 3 weeks.

I will read it again shortly in more detail.

Louise said...

It was my birthday today Andrew, I could be a complete lazy tart, sit on the computer for twelve hours and sort it out! Like you do.

Andrew W said...

Ok, I have read it again now.
Nice write up.
Some tough bits on that route.
Having seen the state of your feet, I am amazed you managed.

Shoes next year?

Geoff Edwards said...

What a smashing write-up,it sounds like you had a great time.

Geoff Edwards said...

What a smashing write-up, is sounds like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable read. Well done for finishing.

John J said...

Wow, I'd forgotten how much fun we all had on the Challenge....even with the added feature of trench foot / foot rot!

A cracking read - although I'm not sure about that bloke who you walked with, he seems a bit weird if you ask me.

I mean, navigation by singing your way across Scotland? It's not natural if you ask me.

Can't wait until next year - the maps have already been studied!

Right, must go - I need to go for a walk before withdrawal symptoms kick in.


Louise said...

Thanks Andrew. Yep, there were some tough bits, but there was fabulous too. And stuff. And a hint of determination and utter stubborness. I do stubborn well.
Shoes? More likely boots. I have an inflamed Achilles and I suspect it's due to lack of support (it has been previously injured) so boots. But new. And properly fitted like.

Thanks Geoff, I had a ball.

BPL (Robin? Maybe? Can't remember...)Thanks. If it's you that I'm thinking of, sorry you had to withdraw, that's really tough. Next time?

JJ, I met a few strange fellas, has to be said. I can use the sun and lichen and stuff to navigate, but singing? Just strange...

I would walk, if I could. Blisters improving, but ankle still unhappy. Bum!

Fab Challenge.

Alan Sloman said...

What an epic!
A really great read.
I have spent the most of the last two days sleeping and washing & drying campy stuff.

I really enjoyed reading that and bumping into you on the odd occasion.

Louise said...

Epic indeed Alan, but what an absolute blast!

You look like you needed a good sleep Al, apparently, I've been doing a bit of that in the last couple of days... But the slave washed and dried all the campy stuff ;-)

It was great to see and I look forward to catching up with you again sometime. Take care my sweet.

Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

Brilliant, was superb to meet you, Louise. Happy Birthday by the way. :-)

My write up will probably be done over a few posts between Ashley tugging at trouser leg and Hope wanting the telly on. Its lovely to be back with Mrs M.

Thanks for writing this up, its tempered the withdrawal symptoms nicely.

Ta ta for now.

Louise said...


I had to get the write up done as soon as to get it out of my system, otherwise it's a constant rerun until I do!

Feels better now, I had a fantastic time and I'm glad you enjoyed it too. You'll be back. One day. Great to meet you and it occurs to me I never bought you that pint! Next time...

Phreerunner said...

Well done, Louise, for getting across Scotland on your own privately concocted hydrolastic suspension, and for your timely and detailed write-up. No, I really didn't expect you to go up Mt Keen as I knew the rest of your team doesn't do hills on the Challenge. Sue and I very much enjoyed the 'Merlot interlude' btw.
Have fun in 'back to reality'!

Louise said...

Thanks Martin!
The 'Merlot Interlude' was indeed enjoyable.
Fun and back to reality don't really mesh well, but I'll do my best.
I may start doing more of the lumpy bits once I've got my Challenge feet sorted, but extra excrutiating steps were simply not required this time.

Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

Come to think of it, a pint would have been nice. Ah, but the trouble is, I think I owe Alan Callow a pint, so I wouldn't get to taste it.

londonbackpacker said...

Just finished reading your account of your crossing, to was a good read :-)


Louise said...

Thank you George. I'll have a read of your 2010 crossing when I have a chance!

Martin Rye said...

Again well done on getting across. The weather this year again made it hard for you. A great read, I do hope to cross your path next year.

Louise said...

Thanks Martin! It was certainly a bit tricky at times, but I having read some other reports, I think I got off lightly again. Hopefully next year!!