Monday, 7 May 2012

Keeping up



There seems to be a bit of a kit list thing going on, so I’ve taken the easy way out and done a bit of copy and paste from my spreadsheet. Of course, the trouble with that is no one else is likely to understand it all, especially the food bit, it’ll only make sense to me, but that’s just something for you to puzzle on if you’re bovered! The food is not necessarily listed in meal order. It will be supplemented with fresh en route as it becomes available.

As it happens, the Merrell shoes should read Keen Sandals, but the weight is right. The book is in actual fact an iPod, so the weight is correct for that too. With water, of which I may carry about 1ltr (I treat, so do more in one go to save stopping too often) it should be around 12.5kg on the first and fourth days. Roughly.

So, all in all, I’ll be carrying roughly the same as last year including the odd extra bits. I have a spare top this year, so that I can be more ‘sociable’ in civilised areas and the iPod is a concession. I found one of my biggest issues last year was the inability to get to sleep, despite having had a good walk and plenty of fresh air during the day. This was probably due to the fact that at home, I read every night before bed and I hadn’t wanted to carry a book. I originally planned to carry a book this year, but have been persuaded to let Sir Ian McKellen read Wolf Brother to me at night and soothe me to sleep. Hopefully. I’m nipping home for the night mid-Challenge, so I can swap for a book at that point if it doesn’t work. By treating myself to a beautiful new Osprey Exos, I can carry these one or two extra items and more food comfortably without feeling the load and I’m very pleased with that.

No photographs, Ciara tells me that is obsessive and would require counselling…


Gordon Green said...

Well Louise, that looks pretty comprehensive.

It's a pity you've left out that one piece of essential gear. It probably won't matter, really.

But, it could have consequences.

Have a great trip.

See you en-route or in Montrose.

Brian Cowling said...

Happy New Exos.

Best of Luck on your crossing.


Alan Sloman said...

I like your system; It's totally transparent. But I knew it would be.

I've never done a kit list with weights. I generally take the stuff that performs the best, having considered the weight when I bought it.

I wouldn't bother carrying water on this trip - it's dead weight and there'll not exactly be a shortage of the stuff this year.

Less than two days now before I head off to Morar.

Have a good walk, Miss.

Louise said...

Hi Gordon! Poor Andrew, I can't believe he fell for that, bless. Not sure of your route, but unless you're around Braemar/Ballater 20th/21st/22nd, I'll catch you in Montrose!

Thank you Brian, I have high hopes for the Exos. Doesn't quite go with the colour scheme, but I'll cope.

You know me Alan, love a good, proper list, although I doubt my efforts are as good as the spreadsheet and pie chart Queen, but I do my best. I find it helpful to keep things ordered.

As for the water, yes I know, but I am paranoid and I have to treat. I treat in half litre quantities and that would mean a bit of faff, so treating two or three half litres in one go (yes, I can add that up but they are done in precise measures) saves time. And it's my water...

See you in Braemar! (Although I may still be rattling, the amount of paracetamol I've consumed to deaden the pain of this cold.)

Andrew W said...

Poor Andrew .......

I have had to have counselling!
Challenge cameraderie my arse :)

But the counter bluff was good too.

Anyway Louise, you have weighed all your bits of kit.

Beware, that way lies madness!

Next thing, you start counting out the jelly babies and stuff.

Louise said...

Gave up on the jelly babies last year, I humped them all the way across and only nibbled one or two. Hence the Fruit Flakes this year, they are addictive, so I know I'll get my sugar hit this time.

Anyway, I'm away to portion up the Digestives, four per portion and one left over. I'll have to eat that one...

Alan Sloman said...

Yee Haaa!

I have done my first ever kit spread sheet with weights!

Worn or in hand: 3.2 kg (I'm a chap)
Carried: 12.15kg = 26lbs 12 oz

(of which food and whisky = 2.32kg) so base weight = 9.83kg = 21 lb 10oz.

And that's planning for a cold wet Challenge. Happy with that! :-)

Oh dear... I can see I'll have to keep it up to date now... What HAVE you started???

Andrew W said...

the jelly babies last year,
I humped them all the way across

Is that Legal?

Louise said...

Well done Alan, you know it makes sense, I'm so proud of you! But you do have to careful, it came become addictive. It's that OCD thing again...

Andrew, tsk.

Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

Louise, you seem to have presumptuously added the smartube which I may still forget to bring with me. How trusting you are!

Last day at work tomorrow - shiiiiii....ver me timbers!

Andrew - re: Jelly Babies - great minds think alike, ashamedly.

Alan Sloman said...

I'll never forgive you, Louise. I have now been drawn into the mad world of gear spreadsheets OCD...

You can find it HERE

Louise said...

No Carl, that is not an option. I trust you implicitly as a gentleman. Please nicely!!

You boys, you're all the same.

(Work? What's that?!!)

See you very soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise. Nice list! My spreadsheet got awfully complicated so I now tend to only consider the reduction in weight when I swap one bit of kit for another. For example, by leaving my Akto at home and taking my Laser Competion, I can now take more whisky. See, it's a simple system but it works for me!
Have a great crossing; see you in Montrose.

Louise said...

Alan, it's thing of beauty.

Louise said...

Hey Judith! I like that idea and I have been doing a bit of it myself, by carrying a lighter rucksack, I could take a book! Mind you, that got lighter too, 'cos I've borrowed Rhiannon's iPod to 'read' to me instead, saving a little bit more.

Have fab crossing and see you at The Park!