Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A life more ordinary

Firstly, I went for my regular Monday walk yesterday, not only was it rather pleasant and not at all painful, it was the first time I’d worn my Brashers since my return and they were back to their old, comfy selves. Brilliant.

Secondly, whilst on my regular Monday walk, I was able to pop to see my osprey nest. I’d been worried about the nest due to the dreadful storm we had while I was Challenging. I was delighted to find an osprey on the nest, possibly still incubating eggs or maybe on chicks by now. Excellent!

I’ve made a decision on my new footwear. You may remember, if you pay any attention at all (and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t , I don’t!) I had purchased a pair of Keen Shasta boots. Sadly, after only twenty miles, these had developed a defect, the mesh was fraying in several places, so I had to return them and decided not to replace them straight away. The shoes I actually want to replace are Merrell Siren Sport Ventillators and they have been great, but a shade snug for anything more than a stroll, although I do wear them constantly for pottering, trips to Tesco etc.. I have come to the conclusion that these in a bigger size would be perfect. On investigation, I’ve come up with three models that I’m going to take a close look at, all mid boots, the Ventillator, the Chameleon and the Moab. Almost sorted!

I now know when I’m going to get to play with my beautiful, new PHD sleeping bag. I’ve been asked to help at another Guide camp (groan, what was I thinking?!) so this will give me an ideal opportunity to try it out, I can’t wait! Kind of.

So, there you go. Back to dull, dull, dull!

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